Cape Town, South Africa 

After finishing high school, Nathalie K. took her first international trip alone in 2012 to Cape Town, South Africa. This was also her first time volunteering.

During her three months living at an orphanage, Masigcine, in a little township called Mfuleni she learned a great deal about the culture. Her impression was that even tho people had so little, and their life was so complicated due to their circumstances, they still were the most happiest people she has ever met.

While living in the township, having the responsibility of 20 kids as the only volunteer there she turned to the CC’s who ran the house. CC translated means “sister” and was a sign of respect.

”At first I think they didn’t like me. I got the impression that they had been dealing with a lot of volunteers coming in, taking photos showing how great they were and then left. They always called me by my name or “you”, and I always called them CC. In the beginning when I asked if I could help in the kitchen or with something else, the answer was always no. One day I walked into the kitchen, the chef, Princess, was on duty and I tried to approach her in another way. Instead of asking I told her to go sit down in the living room and rest for a minute while I peeled the potatoes. I remember she looked at me and then she smiled and went out.

I started doing that with all the CC’s. Not because I thought I could do things better. But because I saw these women, with 3-6 + kids of their own, husbands, parents living in their tiny shacks, but still they showed up for a 12-14 hours shift at an orphanage. These women deserved those 5 minutes.

After 1 1/2 month I was called CC. That’s when I knew I had earned their respect. My greatest lesson from that trip was that, things you don’t understand in others you should not judge. If your are met with dislike, you should still show kindness. Everybody is going through something, respect their journey. And respect each other regardless of culture, skin colour, genders etc.”

After her first trip to Cape town, Nathalie K. and her mom decided to found a non-profit organisation for kids.

A member of the family, Else Katralen, was an amazing women who was sceptical to organisations and charities. She had no kids but absolutely loved them. She therefore offered to sponsor this non-profit and in honour of her they named it “Else Katralens Stiftelse” in 2014.

Nathalie K. and her mom then took their first trip back to the orphanage where Nathalie K. had stayed in 2012. Instead of buying the kids toys, they created something called a “start kit” for all the kids. After talking to the CC’s they learned that essential things like underwear and toothbrushes was not given to the kids.

The start kit therefore contained:
- toothbrush
- two pair or underwear
- socks
- a sweater
- a backpack for school/ kindergarten
- a facecloth
- a pair of shoes

Sadly Else Katralen passed away, but she was able to see pictures from the trip to South Africa and she was very excited about the work done by the charity.


Else Katralen Stiftelsen

When the refugee-crisis hit Europe in 2015, Nathalie K. and her mom decided to volunteer at the Greek island Lesbos, where refugees crossed the ocean from Turkey. They returned once again to the island in 2016. They describe the weeks down there as hell on earth.

While working down there, they teamed up with a lifeguard group from Spain called “Proactiva”. Both her mom and Nathalie K. learned a lot from this group of amazing individuals.

Dance and education

While getting her Cand.Jur at law school, she built up her dance- career. The dancecareer-journey startet at 16, but the love for dance has been a lifelong relationship and her biggest priority.

During her time as a dancer Nathalie K. has performed on multiple Norwegian tv-shows, concerts, music videos and performances such as Norske Talenter, Gullruten (2019) & P4-Vinterlyd. She has also choreographed for "Senkveld med Helene og Stian" (2020). 

The first time I performed on stage in 2011, I instantly knew that this was it, this was my path. The rush you get from performing can’t be compared to anything!

Since 2015 she has taught at different dance-studios in Norway such as Hildemors Dansesenter (Bergen), Bergen Dansesenter, Steps dansestudio (Stavanger), The Studio (Oslo). When she is not at the office or teaching dance-classes she teaches fitness classes in cardio, strength and stretch. For more detailed information see her dance-portfolio or “Resume”.

I belive that in order to progress and evolve as a dancer, you must treat and train your body as an athlete."

For the past 4 summers Nathalie K. has traveled to Los Angeles for 1,5 - 2 months, where she spends hours in various dance studios such a Playground, Debbie Reynolds, Millenium Dance Complex & Movement Lifestyle, working on her craft with the best commercial and heels teachers in the game.

No other place pushes me the way LA does. It's a whole vibe.

In 2019 she performed her first Carnival in LA and starred in her first music video abroad for the up and coming artist 1Kphew.

As a teacher her focus is to give the students proper guidance and give them a safe space to evolve and grow in their own tempo. 

When you teach people you need to put your ego as a performer aside. Class should never be about the teacher. It's not a solo show for the teacher to show how great they are. It is all about the students and their needs. The goal is always to push them to become better movers, not to hold them back."  

Her dream is to take dance even further, and travel across boarders doing what she loves the most.

Nathalie K. is represented by Global Ensemble Agency (Norway)

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