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Photo: Thomas Sandfield

Henrikke S. Boger

Nathalie has an incredible energy that makes you perform at your maximum level. She makes every student in her class feel included and challenged regardless of level and dance background. She pushes her students from beginners to advanced dancers and you also get a sense of accomplishment in her classes. Would warmly recommend her classes to anyone who is looking for a fun, inclusive and challenging space to move and evolve as a dancer and performer.

Chloe lazizi

Nathalie has make me learn from the start how to dance and especially dance with heels. I like her energy during the class and that she wants us to be better improving ourselves. I took as well the commercial course and again there, amazing. The workshop girly and groove is the perfect cure against laziness in the weekend. Otherwise Nathalie is an amazing teacher Most of the time I am so tired before the course, but at the end, I have so much energy. Even if it is a bad day for you, she manages to make your smile.

Tyrone N

Talented, driven and professional, Nathalie K puts her students first, helping them achieve their goals and more. Her broad range of skills and experience make her the ideal instructor for beginner, intermediate and advanced students alike.

Christian V. Hope

When I signed up for my first classes with Nathalie I was hoping for choreos that were fun and challenging, that would eventually give me a feeling of mastery. And let me tell you... The classes met all my expectations and far, far beyond! Nathalie is a incredibly warm, energetic and positive hard working dancer and teacher. She always makes sure everyone in the class feels seen, and she truly cares for each students progression. With her pointing out what you do good and what to improve, you're guaranteed to level up just like me and all others who have taken her classes continuously. Nathalies classes are guaranteed to make you smile and feel good whatever state you're in when you enter.

Anita S

Where to begin? In a short amount of time, Nathalie made me more motivated to improve as a dancer than I have ever been before. She is en explosion of energy, positivity, fresh coreos to great music, and constructive feedback. She genuinely cares for each person in her class, and wishes for them to grow and learn. As well as share stupid jokes - that I personally love. She meets beginners or experienced dancers with the same respect, and what over time can only be called love. She is a firecracker and gift basket of a person and dancer, and I cannot wait to see what's up her sleeve every time there's a new choreo. If you join her classes on a regular basis, be sure that you'll soon feel like part of a (slightly bonkers) family.